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After seeing some wonderfully customized desktops here on Lifehacker, I decided to customize my own Win 7 desktop using rainmeter to make it sleek and more productive. I took the wallpaper from which has amazing collection of high quality wallpapers. Here are the links for the rainmeter skins I used-


Elegance 2- for the date and time-…

Macbar 3.0- the top ribbon bar-…

MiniInfoBar- the stats bar at the bottom-…


Wallpaper- Don't have the exact link, but I uploaded it to my Dropbox- Wallpaper

Apart from these, I have set the Windows taskbar to Auto-hide mode to bring it up only when I hover on it.


If you know of better rainmeter skins which you think I can include in my desktop you can share the links in your comments.

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